December 05, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide

Merry Christmas! It's that magical time of year of giving and of hearts turning to the miracle of the advent of the Son of God.  The tradition of offering gifts to friends and loved ones began when the Maggi came to the Christ child bearing precious gifts.  Most importantly however, our gifts symbolize the miraculous gift of eternal life given to all mankind through the atonement of our Savior.  

Finding the right gift can be a delight or it can be a source of anxiety. Our goal is to help you make this tradition an enjoyable experience by offering meaningful gifts that will bring hope and inspiration year round. 

Here are a few ideas that will be sure to warm the hearts of your loved ones:

Artwork! Art, regardless if it's an original, limited edition print or open edition lithograph, has the power to inspire and touch our emotions unlike any other gift. Cristo CLXII, by J. Kirk Richards is a great example!


We love this impressionistic depiction of Christ which allows the viewer to interpret Christ's appearance.  This piece is available framed or just as a loose print (easily matted and framed to fit a 16x20 or 11x14). It is exclusive to Latter-Day Home and can be found here

Wall Decor. Yes, there is a difference between art and wall decor. Our wall quotes collection are a great example of decor for your wall.  Vinyl wall lettering may be out of style but the idea of having a family motto or encouraging text certainly is not. Wives and mothers love this Quote from Jeffery R. Holland  


as well as this framed quote by Mother Teresa. 


Personalized Decor. What's more meaningful than a personalized gift.  Our collection of personalized wall decor and pillows are a great way to show your thoughtfulness without the mess of a DYI project.


Tea Towels! Wrap a fresh baked goodie with one of our many popular tea towel designs.  These make great neighborhood gifts.



At this time of year we are so grateful for you, our wonderful customers and all the support you've given our small, family business. We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-The Mortensen's  

Remember to order your framed art/wall decor by day's end (Dec. 5) to guarantee Christmas Delivery.

February 04, 2016

New collaboration by artist HALEY SMITH!

Valentine's day is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited! We love the fact that there is a whole day dedicated to spreading one of God's greatest gifts, love!

For this occasion, we are happy to introduce a new collection by Haley Smith. 

Haley is the founder and artist behind Huckleberry Paper, a wedding stationary producer known for it's timely watercolor illustrations.

Haley's delicate floral illustrations paired with the lyrics from the hymn "Come Thou Fount" are simply beautiful. These words have touched the hearts of many. Now you can enjoy this piece in your home.

Haley's best selling wedding suite is her "Blush" rose collection.  From custom prints and pillows to tea towels, we bring you a whole line of products that have stemmed from this popular collection.  

These make perfect gifts for Valentine's Day, weddings, and baby showers!

We also have a gift for you! Free printable valentines designed exclusively for us, by Haley Smith. We had a lot of fun making our valentines this year and we know you will too!


Download Here, Here, and Here 

Now through February 10th you can receive 10% off our entire Valentine's collection, including all items by Haley Smith by clicking HERE!

Happy Valentines Day!

September 25, 2015

Proclamation: Free Download


Modern Designs of "The Family, A Proclamation to the World"

Designed By: Heather Tovey

Download Here, Here, & Here.

July 22, 2015

Lily Dolls: Inspired by all pioneers

The Sego Lily is a beautiful and delicate flower.  But it would be nothing without its hearty root, which thrives in our harsh desert climate.  When the early pioneers settled the west, indians taught them to use the bulb and blossom of the Sego Lily flower for food.  That root sustained the pioneers through times of drought and famine.  Those qualities of strength and beauty inspired us to create the Lily Doll. 


I grew up with stories of my ancestor Jane Snyder Richards and her daughter Wealthy crossing the plains.  They were Mormon pioneers, faithfully moving west through loneliness and heartache.  Many of their stories seemed unbelievable to me as a child (how could Jane forgive the farmer’s wife who had denied her dying daughter food?).  Yet they remained faithful to their beliefs.  Patient and compassionate through their challenges.  They showed strength and beauty under difficult circumstances.

Some of the best pioneer examples are not from our past.  They are the modern pioneers who, with grace and courage, face head-on the obstacles placed in their paths.  They are all around us and half-way across the world.  They are those who inspire us through their examples to be hopeful and loving.  They remind us to be strong and beautiful.


The Lily Doll is a modern pioneer doll.  She reminds us of the qualities necessary to be a pioneer in our day.  She is a reminder that at the root of beauty is strength.  - Ashlie Mortensen (LDH co-founder)

To celebrate the many pioneers in our lives we have decided to do a GIVEAWAY.  We want to hear your stories! Who are the pioneers in your life?

To Enter: Visit us on Instagram @latterdayhome and comment on our post with the following...

#1. In short, tell us the story of your pioneer!

#2. Name the Lily Doll you would love to have.

July 21, 2015

Design Tip Tuesday: By Lisa Rupp

I've always loved these lyrics from the hymn, "Love at Home" and I especially love it paired with the leaf prints I made. It's a good reminder for me. Please enjoy this free printable. And thanks, Latter-Day Home for letting me share!
DOWNLOAD HERE... Black&White or Color
July 14, 2015

Design Tip Tuesday: By Lisa Rupp

I love to be in nature and enjoy God's creations. It's one of the places I feel closest to Him. I also like to use nature in my artwork. You’ll often find me drawing or painting flowers. I think this project is a great way to bring the beautiful outdoors into your home. 
You may have seen this activity done in an elementary school classroom or on a list of things to do with your kids during the summer, but this is fun for adults too. And it’s so easy! You won’t want to stop at just two prints.

I first came across gelatin prints via Pinterest. (link: HERE) And Kristen Sutcliffe (website link) shared some on her blog, New House Project. I really enjoy printmaking, so I loved making these. Here are some instructions I made to help you make your own gelatin prints. [instructions pdf download]
Above are some images of my test print. I applied a little too much ink the first time, so it's not perfect, but it will give you an idea of how it's done. Enjoy!
This Design Tip Tuesday was brought to you by Lisa Rupp, one of our collaborating artists.
Visit her site for more of her beautiful art! Lisa Rupp

June 30, 2015

Design Tip Tuesday: Gender Neutral Spaces

Designing a gender-neutral space can be very difficult. Do you and your spouse agree on the overall look in feel of your home? I know I was surprised when my husband voiced his opinion about decor of our home. That was not something I would of thought he cared about. Talking to other couples we found that we weren’t alone. It’s a common goal for many to want a collective atmosphere in the home that the whole family will enjoy. A space that marries both masculine and feminine beautifully in one space. This design tip is centered on finding that balance. The key to designing a gender-neutral room doesn’t mean choosing androgynous furniture or a neutral palette. By marrying classically masculine and feminine textures, colors, patterns, shapes, and objects, your room will achieve a pleasing balance that will make men, women, and children alike feel comfortable. Whether you’re decorating a man cave or a young girl’s room, a first apartment for newlyweds or a family home, here are tips for creating a gender-neutral space.

#1 Let Opposites Attract If you’re starting with a masculine room with dark-wood floors, deep-gray walls, and industrial windows, soften it with vases of flowers, sculptures, mirrored furniture, pretty wall sconces, or anything else that helps balance the masculine energy. Give a living room full of frilly florals a dose of testosterone with a rugged coffee table or trunk, an industrial light fixture, or a coat of dark paint.

#2 Pair Objects That Get Along But Don’t Match Nobody says your bedside tables or light fixtures have to be identical twins. Simply make sure they have something in common—be it color, material, or overall size—to help them peacefully coexist. Place pendant lights that are similar in size but varying in shape on either side of the couch. Select matching vintage industrial lights, one in blue gray, the other in salmon pink, on either side of the bed. Mix square and round pillows. Pick two different chairs for your bistro table.

#3 Use Hard and Soft Textures If you’ve got a contemporary metal desk, throw a sheepskin on your office chair to add softness. A farmhouse dining table will benefit from a set of velvet-upholstered chairs. Place a fluffy rug on a polished concrete floor. When it comes to fabric and wallpaper, go bold and mix florals with stripes and plaids instead of choosing a neutral pattern. Lighten up an all-gray room with touches of gold or pink. Toughen up a delicate upholstered French armchair by re-covering it in a pinstripe suiting fabric.

#4 Play with Color and Pattern Keep a feminine little girl’s room from looking too sweet with baby blues, burnt orange or doses of apple red. Soften up a chocolate-brown midcentury sofa with a peach-colored rug. Tone down an elaborately carved bed frame with a coat of black paint or rustic washed linen sheets. Have fun with your color! And who said color has to be on the walls. Keep it simple with whites and grays on the walls and liven up the space with colorful toys and furniture.

#5 Mix Straight and Curved Lines One of the easiest ways to create a balanced room is by pairing straight, angular lines with soft curves and rounded shapes. Complement a pair of masculine club chairs with sequined pillows, a shag rug, and a round coffee table. Arrange a kidney-shaped desk with a linear task chair.

I hope this helped inspire you in your home design adventures! Have fun with it!

June 30, 2015


Did you know that July holds some great things for Latter-Day Home? 

#1 July 24th is the BIGGEST sale of the year!

#2 We will be releasing a fabulous new product that is a secret I can't wait to share.

#3 And last of all we are starting regular giveaways!

So let's start July off with a BANG and give one of you lucky followers a pillow. Skip on over to @latterdayhome on instagram for a chance to win this lovely pillow!

Remember the miracle of 1848? Here’s a synopsis: Starving pioneer settlers + Ginormous crickets munching their first crop + Faith and Prayers = Flocks and flocks of hungry seagulls. Indeed a great miracle! (click HERE for full story) Whatever plague may strike your home, know this; you are only a prayer away from a flock of seagulls. 

Visit Instagram, ENTER, & WIN!

Winner will be picked and posted to instagram Wednedsay July 1st! 

June 18, 2015

GREAT FAITH free printable

Click HERE to Download Free PDF

June 10, 2015

LDH Gift Guide to Father's Day

Are you still trying to come up with a gift for your Dad this year?

I don't know about you but I believe that I have given my Dad one to many flashlights that have been stuffed into the old toolbox. This year I wanted to give my Dad something more meaningful! Something of value that wouldn't just be useful but a gift that would be special to him. I thought of my nativity set that my parents gave me for Christmas and how much I love that memento from them. I actually keep that nativity on display all year round because I love it so much. I want to give my Dad something like that!

During my quest I took a look here in the Latter-Day Home studio and to my surprise I found many things that I know my Father would love. So here you are, our guide to Father's Day gifts!

 Steve Reed has designed some of the coolest Tshirts that are full of meaning.

Steven Cantrell designed this awesome Armor of God print that would look great in any Dad's office.

This Minerva Teichert painting is new to Latter-Day Home. Moroni and the Title of Liberty is a great piece to give Dad this Father's Day. You can read all about this specific painting in our last blog post. Moroni is a Book of Mormon hero to many people and could be a wonderful gift.

These are cards that explore the meaning of shapes and symbols that we see everyday. What a neat gift for any Dad!


We have a great collection of journals as well. This is one of my favorites!

Our Mormon Creed poster designed by Ty Kimball Mortensen has been flying out the door ever since we listed it. This would look great in any living space.

Another popular item is our Bulletin on the Plains - Bison Skull. This is what I'm getting my Dad this Father's Day!


Among all these fabulous gift ideas I think one of the most meaningful of all would be a fine art print of Christ. You can't go wrong with any of the framed are we have in stock. This portrait of Christ by J. Kirk Richards is one of my favorites.

I hope this tour of gift ideas enlightened your mind with more options this year. We love Father's Day, a day to honor our dear ol Dad. Happy shopping to all of you reading this.Oh and don't forget that this week you can get free shipping on any item large or small! Sale ends this Friday June 12th.



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