#mylatterdayhome Monday with JeAnna Casper

 Featuring the talented, JeAnna Casper!

JeAnna enjoys living in Cache Valley as much as we do! She has two little babes that are lucky to call her mom. We're lucky to have her close by and to benefit from her incredible talent as a designer.

If you love our temple prints, thank JeAnna. Or our temple maps? Thank JeAnna. Or a number of our LDH Original prints?...JeAnna! 

Pillow - CTR

Side note: See that awesome space themed comforter? JeAnna did that too! (Are you seeing the trend- she's a rockstar!)


Temple Print - Coral - Logan


Pillow - Seagulls


We have loved working with JeAnna! If you'd like to contact her about potential design needs, let us know!