Design Tip Tuesday: By Lisa Rupp

I love to be in nature and enjoy God's creations. It's one of the places I feel closest to Him. I also like to use nature in my artwork. You’ll often find me drawing or painting flowers. I think this project is a great way to bring the beautiful outdoors into your home. 
You may have seen this activity done in an elementary school classroom or on a list of things to do with your kids during the summer, but this is fun for adults too. And it’s so easy! You won’t want to stop at just two prints.

I first came across gelatin prints via Pinterest. (link: HERE) And Kristen Sutcliffe (website link) shared some on her blog, New House Project. I really enjoy printmaking, so I loved making these. Here are some instructions I made to help you make your own gelatin prints. [instructions pdf download]
Above are some images of my test print. I applied a little too much ink the first time, so it's not perfect, but it will give you an idea of how it's done. Enjoy!
This Design Tip Tuesday was brought to you by Lisa Rupp, one of our collaborating artists.
Visit her site for more of her beautiful art! Lisa Rupp