Lily Dolls: Inspired by all pioneers

The Sego Lily is a beautiful and delicate flower.  But it would be nothing without its hearty root, which thrives in our harsh desert climate.  When the early pioneers settled the west, indians taught them to use the bulb and blossom of the Sego Lily flower for food.  That root sustained the pioneers through times of drought and famine.  Those qualities of strength and beauty inspired us to create the Lily Doll. 


I grew up with stories of my ancestor Jane Snyder Richards and her daughter Wealthy crossing the plains.  They were Mormon pioneers, faithfully moving west through loneliness and heartache.  Many of their stories seemed unbelievable to me as a child (how could Jane forgive the farmer’s wife who had denied her dying daughter food?).  Yet they remained faithful to their beliefs.  Patient and compassionate through their challenges.  They showed strength and beauty under difficult circumstances.

Some of the best pioneer examples are not from our past.  They are the modern pioneers who, with grace and courage, face head-on the obstacles placed in their paths.  They are all around us and half-way across the world.  They are those who inspire us through their examples to be hopeful and loving.  They remind us to be strong and beautiful.


The Lily Doll is a modern pioneer doll.  She reminds us of the qualities necessary to be a pioneer in our day.  She is a reminder that at the root of beauty is strength.  - Ashlie Mortensen (LDH co-founder)

To celebrate the many pioneers in our lives we have decided to do a GIVEAWAY.  We want to hear your stories! Who are the pioneers in your life?

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