It's Time for a Proper Introduction

Hello! We are happy to welcome you to our Latter-Day home, the virtual one. The real one is nice too, but not always as tidy. Here are a few things you should know about us. We are passionate about a lot: family, faith in God, design. We love finding inspired artwork and making our small corner of the universe a little bit prettier. We also feel strongly that design should not be stuffy. We don’t always match or color coordinate. We find things we like and make it work. We enjoy sharing these good, tasteful designs with you.

But first, we are a family. We have five amazing kids who get us out of bed (literally) every morning and sometimes keep us up at night. (Yep, still literal.) We love them and the life we are building together. Each day is an adventure. But, it has to be said: We are real people, not perfect ones. Our goal is simple. We want to share our love for art, design, and faith in God with others.

About the founders: Owen & Ashlie Mortensen

Ashlie, co-owner and founder, works on marketing and product design. She loves learning, traveling, and experiencing new things. She thinks a clean house is a gift from heaven, even if (or especially when) it wasn’t cleaned by her. She is an avid reader and an excellent carpooler. But most of all, she likes to spend time with her husband, Owen, and her five amazing kids. They keep her busy in the very best kind of way.

Owen handles the day to day business operations and oversees production, shipping and product design. He has designed art and home decor products for Crate&Barrel, Baker Home Furnishings, and other national retail chains. Owen loves to swim, fly-fish and paddle board and is crazy about anything related to Germany, where he served as a missionary.