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#mylatterdayhome Monday with Kimmy Crosby

Featuring Kimmy Crosby from i (chart) you We're so excited to feature one of our favorite collaborators today on t...

#mylatterdayhome Monday with Megan Ward

Featuring Megan Ward We're excited to introduce you to the lovely, Megan Ward! Megan is an extremely talented woma...

#mylatterdayhome Monday with Samantha Kelly

 Featuring Samantha Kelly We love Samantha Kelly’s style – she’s got “clean and simple” down to a tee. Not onl...

Hi there!

We are the Mortensen family. Owen is an artist. You can see his work here: Ashlie is Wonder Wo...

Art is Powerful!

Art is powerful! It has the power to tap every human emotion. It has the power to cause one to reflect and remember things once forgotten. It also has the power to heal!   This weekend, I accompanied a group of youth (including my two oldest daughters) to the Saturday Session of the LDS General Conference in Salt Lake City. It was a wonderful experience! While at the conference center, we were blessed with the opportunity to see the original of one of Latter-Day Home’s most popular prints. She Will Find That Which is Lost, by Brian Kershisnik.   The first thing that struck me was the sheer size of the piece. At 8’x11’ it is enormous! Whether deliberate, or not, this allows the art to come to life as the subjects in the painting are to human scale, and in turn allows the viewer to experience the guidance of the angels on a much more personal level. In fact, as we stood and marveled at the piece, we witnessed numerous individuals stand in front (in place) of the woman in the painting, to make it appear that the angels were guiding them, for a photo opp.   The Salt Tribune recently featured a touching story on how this piece came to hang in the conference center and whom it helped heal. Read the full article here:  

Good Things Utah Spot

March is our official launch month!  We started it off today with our good friend Meg Conley (Meg in Progress - blog)...
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