Bulletin on the Plains - Bison Skull

As the pioneers traveled west they often engraved the date and their rate of travel into trees, rocks or fence posts.  They also carved the information into bison skulls that were lying by the trail. These engravings became known as “bulletins on the plains.” Brigham Young once wrote on a skull: Pioneers camped here June 3rd, 1847. Making 15 miles today. All well. Brigham Young

Add your own bulletin or just hang this skull as a reminder of the miles you've traveled.  Either way this organic art is sure to add texture and intrigue to your wall.

  • Actual, Grade A Bison skull. No two alike!
  • Naturally sun-bleached
  • Approx. 22"h x 22"w x 10"d
  • Indoor / Outdoor

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