Truly inspired design! Latter-Day Home is thrilled to offer the work of Jared Fitch!  THIS IS MY BELOVED SON is the first of four prints in the Restoration series... Each print beautifully documenting four milestones of the Restoration

  • Open Edition 
  • Giclee print with pigment inks on premium matte art paper
  • Three sizes: 11x14, 13x19, 17x22
  • Available as print only or framed under glass, floated on mat.

"THIS IS MY BELOVED SON is a very special piece to me, and my family. I hope it might be for you too. With purpose and specific intent, I set this print in a mid-century modern graphic arts aesthetic.

I wanted to reduce this sublime scene to its simple and beautiful message...

Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, did in reality visit a prayerful young man. They came to a grove—made sacred—early in a New York spring. They descended gradually in a pillar of light and drove away darkness. They live! They love us. They are separate and distinct beings, united in a singular purpose—the salvation of all God's children and our return to His celestial home. I want the world to know, that I know, that this is real. I hope seeing this print every day will stoke the fire of your convictions as it has for me." 

- Jared Fitch 


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