LDS Symbol Cards

LDS Symbol Cards are a unique way to explore symbols within the context of Latter-day Saint theology.

"BUILDING BLOCKS: Numbers 1 - 10" (10 cards)

This set features the numbers 1 through 10 as expressed by shapes. 1 = One, 2 = Two, 3 = Three, 4 = Four, etc. all the way to 10. This set is called "Building Blocks" because with these numbers, you can build anything in the universe. Understanding the characteristics associated with these numbers is essential to navigating the world of symbols.

"TEMPLE THEMES: Volume 1" (10 cards)

Temple themes analyze 10 of the most commonly featured symbols, archetypes and motifs associated with modern LDS temples. Understanding these themes will help Latter-day Saints see and understand more clearly some of the consistent doctrines associated with the purpose of temples and temple worship. Included in this pack are the following: Squared Circle, Moon, Sun, Star, Gardens, Tree of Life, Spiral, Water, Horn, and Olive Oil.

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