Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home

Hanging artwork and other wall decor can be one of the fastest ways to update your home in an impactful and meaningful way– usually without too much stress or time commitment. Family photos, meaningful artwork, travel mementos, and other fun decorations will add so much personality and joy to your home.

If you’re moving to a new home or just wanting a change in your current place, hanging up new art can be a great way to create a whole new feeling throughout your home. Adding new wall decor to your spaces doesn’t need to be expensive or a big project– this is something you can tackle easily on a weeknight. A small update will make a big impact in your home. Choose the space that you want to refresh and make your plan!

While starting a home project can be daunting, we promise that this will be an easy one that you will be glad you did. If you need help getting started, we have a few tips to help.

Find your personal style

Do you prefer even lines and symmetrical order? Or a more whimsical asymmetrical look? Do you lean towards black, white and neutrals, or do you prefer splashes of color in every room? When deciding on what art to hang up in your home, stick with your personal style.

Unsure of what your personal style is? Take a look at magazines or online photos and collect pictures of home decor ideas that speak to you. Once you’ve collected 10-15 photos that stand out, take a closer look to see what similarities show up among all of your pictures. While many images can look appealing, keeping track of the commonalities in your picture collection will help you clarify what styles you consistently choose and admire. Use this guide to plan your own space.


Plan your gallery wall

If you’re planning to put in a gallery wall, our best tip is to plan out the entire design before putting any nails in the wall. Measure your frames and use painters tape to mark the spots on your wall that you plan to hang up your pieces to get a really good visual of what your gallery wall will look like. This way you can change things up as much as you want before committing to your design.

Pick a theme

In one space, you may want to narrow down your theme so that all of your images and wall decor feel cohesive and intentional. Are you wanting to display your family pictures or create a wall of fine art? Want to display photos from your travels? Or hang up unique and inspiring wall quotes? Choosing a theme before you start hanging might help you avoid an overcrowded or cluttered feel that could take away from the overall peaceful feeling that you want to cultivate in your space.

Shop your home


Try to shop your home before you shop for new frames or photos. You may have more than you think! Save money by spray painting frames that you already have, rather than buying expensive new ones. Rearrange existing pieces to freshen up new rooms. Once you’ve taken some inventory of what you have and what you can use for the blank wall space you want to fill, figure out what gaps you have and only then start shopping to fill in what is missing. This will also help you narrow down what you are looking for, because the amount of art and wall decor available can be overwhelming!

Choose personal pieces

While you will find no limit to mass produced art pieces available at big chain stores, start by choosing pieces that feel more personal to you. You can collect prints from vacation spots you love and create a gallery of interesting travel art. Or finally hang up those family pictures (remember how hard you worked to get matching outfits for everyone!) you’ve been meaning to get to in the living room. Create an instant mood booster with colorful and abstract art on that blank wall space you’ve been wanting to fill. Fill your walls with faith-based art including your favorite scripture stories, images of Christ, angels, or temples that have personal meaning. Stay true to what matters most to you for a home that feels like a haven whenever you enter.

If you’re looking for new wall art and decor, take a look at our collections of fine art from popular artists including Kate Lee, J Kirk Richards, and Brian Kershisnik, as well as new artists such as Brenda Bird, Elisabeth Wing, Mackenzie Bontempo, and Ben Felix.



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