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About Latter-Day Home...

“This is the right place!” exclaimed brother Brigham upon first seeing the Salt Lake Valley. If you’re looking for fresh, modern Christian art and home décor, we hope your response is the same. We create faith promoting art and accents that compliment your style.

Good design is more than precisely placed furniture in glossy magazine spreads. A beautiful home isn’t about perfectly swept corners or artfully draped throws that never actually get used. A beautiful home is laughter and dishes piled on kitchen counters after a good meal. It is homework on the coffee table and your kids creations taped to the wall. Worthwhile design doesn’t make you feel like you need to rearrange your life, worthwhile design complements the life you are already living. We strive to create products that feel like they belong in your lovely, eclectic, vibrant home. Designed and handmade by local artisans, every piece produced by Latter-Day Home is a tribute to the good and grand work you are doing within your four walls.Thank you for inviting us in, we are so delighted to be a part of your lives.