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Hello! And welcome to Latter-Day home. Here you will find collections of artwork and home decor that reflect your faith and are carefully designed to complement your unique home. You might call it church art for the modern day.

Meaningful artwork can be the key to making your house feel like home. We work with a number of artists and collaborators to bring you a wide collection of beautiful artwork that you can feel good about displaying. You will be moved by J Kirk. Richards sweeping artwork, and touched by Brian Kirshisnik’s moving scenes. Jorge Cocco’s sacrocubism style will give you new perspectives of the scripture stories you love. New artists will elevate the artwork in your home and invoke a deep peace within your walls. Find work from these artists and so many more.

Careful curated decor pieces will give your home the coziness and personality that you’ve been looking for. Take a look through our comfortable throw pillow and blankets, colorful ceramics collection and so much more to give your space that extra special touch you’ve been looking for.

We’re so glad you’re here and we hope, more than anything, you feel at home.

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