Meet Katie Hughes

I can’t wait to introduce you to my friend Katie. She is someone I admire because no one creates the magic of gathering in the same way she does. Her love for gathering was passed down through the women in her family, and the art of hospitality was taught to her by her mother. Katie believes that love is in the little things. She loves to send the invite, beautify the space, create the visual, and magnify the moment down to the last detail. She believes that putting energy, time, and thought into a gathering makes people feel thought of, remembered, and known. For her, the greatest expression of love is turning an ordinary space into something extra ordinary. She has a gift for decorating beautiful spaces on a limited income, using things found in nature, old ribbons she’s been hanging onto, or items from the thrift store. Celebrating is all about creating love in the gathering spaces: the mantel, the buffet, the dining table, the front door. It’s creating the magic her loved ones will feel in the first minute of the celebration. Her greatest belief about gathering is that we can create a space that lets people know they are loved.
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