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Art by Minerva Teichert provides a sure way to invite the Spirit into your home. Widely known for her heartfelt piece featuring the Savior and a flock of sheep, Minerva Teichert art serves as a reminder that Christ loves us and is looking out for us.

What’s better, Minerva Teichert created her artwork while tending to her five children. She explained that “I must paint.” Despite not having a dedicated studio or too much free time, she persisted and used painting as an outlet to express her love and admiration for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Along with one of these Minerva Teichert paintings, consider pairing it with some tasteful home decor and typography to complete the space!

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  • Minerva Teichert - Rescue of the Lost Lamb
    Minerva Teichert - Rescue of the Lost Lamb
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