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Five Home Decor Items to Splurge On (And Five you Don’t Need To)   

July 09, 2021

Five Home Decor Items to Splurge On (And Five you Don’t Need To)   

When it comes to cultivating a happy and faithful home, modern home decor is a must. But not all home decor pieces are created equal. From LDS art, to comfortable furnishings, to other Christian home decor, everything you add to your home will also add to the comfort and peace that you feel there. To create a refuge from the storm, be selective about what you bring into your home. Modern home decor doesn’t have to be trendy, kitsch, or tacky. It can be timeless, faith-promoting, and, most importantly, bring you joy when you see it. 

Knowing when to splurge and when to save is key to cultivating a beautiful home you can feel good about without breaking the bank. So here are our top 5 pieces that you should splurge on, plus 5 more that you don’t need to.


 1. A quality piece of LDS art 

Healer, J. Kirk Richard, Starting at $29

This stunning rendition of Christ ministering to His followers invokes a feeling of love and peace to all who see it. J. Kirk Richards artwork is some of the most popular LDS art, and for good reason. His gentle depictions show us how Christ’s ministry of love and healing had a great impact on those who knew Him then and how we can still feel His love today. A high-quality piece of modern LDS art like this one is worth the splurge because it will make such a strong impact in your home. 

 2. A modern pouf 

Pouf For Two, $199 (Shoot #2) 

Gay Pouf Ottoman for Two

A pouf is a great piece of modern home decor because it really can do anything. Use this stylish gray piece as a bench, ottoman, coffee table, mini sofa, and so much more. The quilted pattern and soft fabric bring instant coziness to your space. This versatile piece will last years to come. 

3. A timeless charcuterie board 

Olive Branch Charcuterie Board, $30

Olive Branch Charcuterie Board

Simple but so elegant, a charcuterie board can be the centerpiece of your table, the platter for your appetizers, and a modern decor piece in your kitchen. You will gather around this versatile kitchen must-have ALL. THE. TIME. Plus, the symbolic olive branch decoration adds a meaningful and faith-promoting element to this timeless accent piece. 

4. A soft throw blanket 

Throw- Navy/White Pom Pom, $59.00

Navy Throw Blanket

The coziest of home decor, the throw blanket is a welcoming hug to comfort you the moment you come home. Wrap up on chilly evenings and winter mornings in its warm embrace to feel completely and utterly at ease. The right size blanket is also perfect for cuddling up with family for your weekly movie nights. 

5. Elegant serving bowls 

Wood Bowl Set, $69.00

Enamel Wood Bowl Set

A set of serving bowls you can proudly use at any gathering or event, or leave on your countertops for a pretty display are a must. These particular bowls have the words “love,” “hope,” and “light” etched into the bowl as a subtle and tasteful reminder of the faith you share in your home. A modern decor piece with a faithful element is sure to brighten your space. 


1. Small canvas wrap art 

Canvas Wrap- Love One Another, $14.00

Love One Another Canvas Wrap

These small canvas wrap art pieces are the perfect accents on your bookshelf, mantel, or nightstand. A modern LDS art piece with uplifting quotes and scriptures will serve as daily reminders of your faith.  

2. Beautiful Art Prints 

Every Knee Shall Bow, J. Kirk Richards, $12.00

J. Kirk Richards Art, Every Knee Shall Bow

J. Kirk Richards art is always going to look great in your home. An art print is the perfect way to bring in a beautiful piece while still keeping your budget low. 

3. Aromatic Candles 

Large Candle -Floral, $14.00 

Large Floral Candle

One of our favorite ways to instantly transform a room, a decorative candle will literally brighten up any space. (Plus, your home will smell divine.)

4. Sweet Flower Vase 

Vase-Grow, $14.00

Grow Ceramic Vase

Filling your home with flowers will create a beautiful setting that you and your family will just gravitate towards. Even when you don’t have fresh flowers, this modern vase will look great atop a shelf or as a centerpiece of your table.

5. Accent art piece 

Wall Decor-Beheld a Tree, $20.00

Beheld a Tree Wall Decor

A smaller piece of framed art is a low-budget but high-impact modern decor piece that you can use is almost any setting. This brightly-colored depiction of the Tree of Life illustrates Lehi’s vision and reminds viewers of what matters most. 

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