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Sticky notes changed her life. Since popular artist Kate Lee was young, she truly believed that she had little self-worth. Her doubt made her feel that she was not worthy of God’s love, and that she didn’t have any talent as an artist. She recounts in a video with LDSLiving that ever since she was 10 years old she didn’t believe that God loved her. 

After meeting with an inspired stake president, Kate Lee was given a homework assignment to write on sticky notes the truths that she believed about herself. Her notes included statements such as “you’re ugly,” and “you’re not smart enough,” and other negative views that she had. Her stake president got her new, fresh sticky notes and asked her to pray to God to ask Him what He really thought of her. The stake president asked her to write those new truths on the blank sticky notes. 

Although she was nervous to complete this assignment, Kate Lee did just that. She prayed to her Heavenly Father and was met with feelings of warmth and calm, confirming to her that God did love her, and that she was worthy and had so many capabilities.

“I feel like my art reflects that new discovery of my relationship with God.” -Kate Lee 


In an article with LDSLiving she related her experiences with self doubt and the obstacles that she had to overcome in order to share her art with others saying, 

“I had a very hard time believing that what I drew or painted was good enough for anyone. I would hide what I had created because I was embarrassed. It wasn’t until I was willing to be vulnerable that things changed for me. It was baby steps, but every time I found the courage to share my art with someone, the more confidence I found not only in my paintings but in myself. I feel like my paintings and I grew together.” 

When asked what advice she would give to others who also struggle to see their worth, Kate Lee said

I would say that the first step is to accept yourself for exactly who you are—how you are in that moment—and build on that. Don’t put the “I have to be perfect or good at everything” label on yourself, because you’ll only find disappointment. Not one of us is perfect or is expected to be perfect in this life. This life is for learning, growing, and changing.

Find ways to block out or at least quiet those things that are causing you to question your self-worth. Learn to trust your qualities and abilities. And for sure, stop comparing. You are who you are for an amazing purpose. Find things that make you happy and don’t be ashamed of those things. Being vulnerable can be difficult, but being vulnerable is where growth and change happens. Last but not least, be patient and forgiving toward yourself.”

Kate Lee’s story and inspiring strength can encourage anyone who may feel at times inadequate and unworthy. Her testimony is a reminder that God’s love can lift us during difficult moments. We are so grateful that Kate has shared her story and her art with us.

Kate Lee’s fresh and modern style makes her one of our favorite new LDS artists. Her stunning style makes an impact with minimal brush strokes and is so versatile that it can work as a statement piece in your home or as a decorative accent piece on your bookshelf or smaller wall art. When you have a piece of Kate Lee art in your home, you are giving yourself an opportunity to welcome the spirit into your life and to feel God’s love. 

Kate Lee’s style has developed over the years, and her current style was inspired one day by a song she heard. In the same article Lee says, 

“One morning while I was getting my boys ready for school, the song “As Sisters in Zion” came on and an image popped into my head. I couldn’t get the boys ready fast enough—I wanted to sit down and draw that idea in that moment so I could paint it. After I had drawn and painted it, I was hooked. It spoke so loudly to me. I felt like I could express what I was feeling inside better with this particular style. My testimony and the emotions I wanted to express were finally being expressed.” 

Take a look at these three pieces of Kate Lee art that we love here.


Atonement by Artist Kate Lee

"Atonement" represents that powerful and loving event when the Lord took on all obstacles in our path. In this simple but profound depiction, Kate Lee shares not only her love for the Savior but His love for us all.

Peace in Christ 

Peace in Christ by Artist Kate Lee

Christ carries a girl in His arms. A thought-provoking image that reminds us to think about the ways that Christ has carried us through hardship and trial. Perhaps He is even carrying us through a difficult moment right now. This beautiful depiction is one of our favorite pieces of Kate Lee fine art and will make a wonderful gift for a loved one in your life.

 Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts by Artist Kate Lee

"With all the noise happening around us each day it's easy to miss the simple gifts our Father in Heaven and Savior continually put in front of us. It is my hope that we take just a moment from our busy schedules and recognize those simple gifts that better our lives, and strengthen our connection to the heavens." - Kate Lee

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