Featured LDS Artist - Minerva Teichert

"Minerva Teichert was a rancher’s wife and a gardener, a raiser of children and chickens, a maker of butter and biscuits, but at heart she was a storyteller, a teacher who found her greatest eloquence in bold brushstrokes on her entry-room wall."  - Peter B. Gardner

The following information was found in an article by Peter B. Gardner, the full article can be read here, (and you should read the full article). 

As a resident of Cokeville, Wyoming, Minerva Teichert had the unique ability to capture the essence of the sagebrushed plains and spirit of the west in a way that has been unrivaled for decades. She was truly ahead of her time. Of her art, she said, "There's too much sagebrush in my blood to forget the beauties of rugged mountains and dry plains." 

This is true of the many pieces she's done of the early pioneers (some of our favorite pieces on the site).  

Her talent doesn't end there. Pieces like Rescue of the Lost LambQueen Esther, and Christ in Red Robe remind us of her innate ability to capture the presence and sacredness of her subject. 

Minerva Teichert is a true example of motherhood and provision. She worked and she cooked and she told stories, but she found time to paint. She felt that she had been "commissioned" to "tell the Mormon story" -- and she has done it so well. 

"...her main artistic outlet was her murals, to which she’d add strokes between chores. “She was a multitasker—big time,” says Wardle. “She’d be cooking at the stove and walk around [the corner] and put some brush strokes on the painting.” At night, once her children were asleep, Teichert gave her paintings full attention. She’d sometimes adjust the clocks to get them to sleep sooner."

We're so grateful that she took the time to paint. To tell the story of the pioneers, and of the savior, and of the prophets of the Book of Mormon. She has truly left a beautiful legacy.

"One day a grandchild asked if she were famous. 'No,' she replied with a smile, 'but I will be someday.'"

And she was right! Minerva Teichert was a passionate, well-rounded woman. We encourage you to read the rest of the article. We were truly inspired by the life she lived.

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