Five (Inexpensive) Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

Our homes may be the places where we sleep, eat, work, and do many many many loads of laundry, but they are also so much more than just the setting of the most basic life tasks. They are a refuge from the storm of life. Our homes can welcome us with loving arms during trials, and their walls can serve as a needed sanctuary. They are also the backdrop of the moments we grow and stretch ourselves. Where we dress as we head out for a new job or career opportunity. Where we bring home a new baby. Where we create priceless family memories on what could have been an ordinary Tuesday night. We can bring our loved ones into our homes, we gather and invite in those who may need a friend. In short, our homes serve as the scene for life’s most important moments. 

Home decor and wall decorations can turn your home into a true sanctuary, reflecting your personal style, your values, and your faith. Modern LDS art is a simple and beautiful way to match your style to your gospel values, and remind those who walk through your walls of the love of God. In addition to art, there are so many little ways to refresh your home decor, add personal touches, and create a space you truly want to spend time in. BUT, it does NOT have to be expensive! Adding home decor that you love can fit with any budget. (And don’t let anyone on Instagram tell you any different.) 

To help you get started, we put together 5 easy and inexpensive ways to refresh your home decor. 

1. Bring in some flowers!

 Every grocery store has a collection of bright and colorful flowers that will bring in so much cheer to your home. Or, better yet, head out to your garden and cut a few yourself for free! It doesn’t have to be fancy to put a smile on your face. A set of pretty flowers in a decorative vase atop your table, countertop, or bookshelf will add an instant boost in your mood and set a warm and inviting tone to your home.

Decorative vases for your new flowers: 

Stripe Canister
Pink Vase
Large Blue Vase


2. Get an art print 

If you shy away from fine art because that price tag has too many numbers on it, try getting a smaller art print from your favorite artist and find an inexpensive frame. Or, better yet, reuse a frame you already have! Modern LDS art is a beautiful way to add faith to your home decor. New art pieces from new artists (plus classic works from your old favorites) will look stunning in your home. 

Prints from popular artists: 

We Have a Rainbow House, J. Kirk Richards

We Have a Rainbow House, J. Kirk Richards

Simple Gifts, Kate Lee

Simple Gifts, Kate Lee

Peace I Give, Brenda Bird

Peace I Give, Brenda Bird

3. Add a Candle

Scents have an incredible superpower to either make or break the mood in our home. A beautiful scented candle that smells great makes the perfect centerpiece to your dining table or decorative addition to your bookshelf. Scented candles not only make a home decor statement, they create a serenity in your space. 

A Scented candle you will love: 

Large Candle- Floral

Large Floral Candle


4. Update the accents

New furniture can make a big impact on your home, but we would argue that updating smaller accent pieces, like decorative throw pillows and throw blankets, can make an even bigger impact for a much lower price point. Updating accent pieces in your home can reflect the season, the purpose for the space, or even just your current style mood. Plus, they make your space cozy, warm, and inviting. 

Decorative throw pillows: 

Floral Double Sided Pillow

Floral Double Sided Pillow


Count Your Blessings Pillow

Count Your Blessings Throw Pillow


Stripe Pillow

 Striped Pillow

5. Try canvas wall art

If a large, framed statement piece isn’t in your budget, try finding smaller, canvas wall art and other canvas pieces that can still mean just as much without putting as much strain on your bank account. Our collection of canvas pieces with quotes and scriptures will remind anyone who sees them of the faith you hold dear and the peace that comes with living the gospel.  Sometimes your favorite scripture or an uplifting quote can be just the thing you need to make it through a difficult day or remind you what your true priorities in life are. 

Uplifting canvas art: 

Whom God Calls He Qualifies

Whom God Calls, He Qualifies - Canvas Wrap

Most Important Work

Most Important Work - Canvas Wrap

Love One Another

Love One Another - Canvas Wrap

The most important part about creating a home you love? Find the home decor pieces that you LOVE and speak to you! If you love following trends, get on it! Want to keep things classic and simple, you do you! The great thing about modern LDS art and home decor is that it can truly fit into and complement any style and work with whatever budget you have. Try these little updates and see how much of a difference they make in your space.

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