How to: Start Decorating

Looking through beautifully styled magazines, Pinterest posts, and Instagram stories can make styling your home look deceivingly easy. The reality is, decorating a home is a skill that takes time, practice, and probably a few mistakes along the way. The good news is that there are no home decor police. The most important thing about designing a home is that you feel comfortable in your own space, and that your space reflects your personality. Styles can change over time, and your home will evolve with you through new phases of life and new preferences. So don’t be afraid to try new things, change it up, and make a few bold choices. 

Look for LDS home decor that will reflect your faith and your style. Intentional decorating will fill your home with peace and create a haven for yourself and your family. This can include everything from throw pillows, decorative and functional vases, and beautiful fine art pieces. You can even find unexpected but still inspirational LDS home decor like our motivational laundry hamper. Blending faith with design into your home can still look fresh, modern and even functional. 

If you’re moving to a new home or looking to update your space, starting over can feel daunting. We know that it’s no easy task, and sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. To help you out in your home decor journey, we put together a few steps that just might help you get started. 

Before you begin, we just want to remind you that A) Pinterest is not real life; no one's home actually looks that perfect all the time. And B) patience is key (and challenging! We get it!). Creating the space you are envisioning will take time. Homes are always evolving with your evolving life, so don’t feel like you need to move as fast as your favorite DIY blogger or design inspiration instagram account. Remember to love and enjoy your space even while you’re still on the journey. No need to wait until every last detail is finalized to truly feel at home. 

We hope these tips will help! Good luck on your home design journey! 

Discover your Style 

Spend a little time honing down what styles best reflect your personality. One of the ways to create a cohesive space is to think through your style choices before making any purchases. If you’re feeling unclear about what your style is, spend 10-20 minutes browsing through Pinterest and pin all the home decor posts that catch your eye. Then take a minute to look through what you just choose and find the common style elements. Now you have somewhere to start! 


Another to do item before you start spending any money, declutter your space! Take a couple days to clear out and donate or recycle items you just don’t use anymore. Getting rid of unwanted products will help you see your space with a new perspective. 

Use what you Have 

Ok now, before you actually throw out any of the items you just cleared up, see if you can use any of them in a different way or in a new place to give it a new life. An old vase in a different room might look brand new. A piece of art that just wasn’t working in one corner might be perfect for your blank wall. 

Begin with Neutrals  

When it doubt, go neutral on large items like furniture, paint colors, rugs, and bookshelves. Then pepper in your bold choices through throw pillows, decorative pieces, and wall art.  These are easier (and less expensive) to switch out as your style evolves. You can layer in beautiful LDS art, for example, that speaks to your faith and matches your aesthetic, but change it up when you want something new.

Follow your Favorite Artists

Find artists that speak to you and start following them on social media accounts or by checking in on their websites. Staying up to date on their current projects will help you find their latest work to bring into your home. Looking for LDS artists that match your style? We have a few ideas. Kate Lee, Melissa Tshikamba, Caitlin Connolly, and Brenda Bird are just a few of the LDS artists we work with. Check our art page for more ideas. 

Pick Small Changes with Big Impacts 

Small items can make a big impact in your home. A colorful vase or a chunky and cozy throw blanket can bring in warmth and personality. And as you work to reflect your faith in your home, look for pieces that integrate both style and function. 

Be Patient

Creating a space takes a lot of time! Give yourself grace, and try to be patient. Layering in decor that fits your style means taking the time to find that decor. You may get it at your favorite store, or you might pick up a fun new souvenir on your next vacation. Your needs and your routines will change, which may mean your space needs to change with it. Your style will evolve, and you’ll accumulate new items. Basically, your space will never be ‘finished’ it will always be changing with you. 

Finding LDS home decor that complements your personal style is not as challenging as it may seem! We hope these few tips help you get started on decorating your space. Remember to enjoy the journey and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way!


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