Our 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Spring has sprung and that means time to start thinking about Mother’s Day gifts. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate not just our own moms, but also to recognize all the mother figures and female friendships in our own lives. Women who mean so much to us and serve in many different ways. These great women deserve to feel cherished! 

This Mother’s Day gift guide is for fine art and home decor pieces. These beautiful, faithful, and inspiring pieces are wonderful for the women in your life who enjoy creating beautiful spaces in their homes. 

Fine Art 

Get mom the gift of fine art for her home. Faith-promoting and Christ-centered artwork will add a peaceful feeling to any space. 

She Will Find What is Lost


She Will Find What is Lost by Artist Brian Kershisnik


Angels gather to assist, bless and guide a woman in this popular painting by contemporary artist, Brian Kershisnik. 

She Will Find What is Lost has become one of Brian's most popular and recognizable paintings.  It resonates with people.  Of this painting, Brian wrote "...many unseen forces are interested in you, love you, and work to influence matters for your profound benefit.  Most of what we all do is resist it, misinterpret it, or mess it up, but my experience indicates that these unseen efforts persist impossibly.  I thank God for that."



Angels by Artist Brian Kershisnik


Angels gather in this unique piece by contemporary figurative artist Brian Kershisnik. A beautiful reminder of the angels that surround us. This gift will strengthen and inspire any who receives it. 

Kate Lee Peace in Christ


Peace in Christ by Artist Kate Lee


Remind the important women in your life of the way Christ can carry us through life's trials and challenges. 

After a chance meeting with an inspired fellow artist, Kate modified her initial artistic direction to focus on works of inspirational watercolor. With a minimalistic style that conveys powerful family and gospel messages, Kate Lee speaks to us through her art when words are insufficient. 

Lovingly Watched Over

Lovingly Watched Over by Artist Kate Lee

This work of art can have many meanings. A gift for a new mother, reaching for a new baby. Or a gift of grief for those who have lost a child and know that they are being lovingly watched over in the next life. A poignant new work of art. 

His Prayer

His Prayer by Artist Brenda Bird

"’Peace be unto you." Christ said this to His apostles to soothe their fears after His resurrection. They needed the peace that only He can give. I know that when I have worries about my children, family or personal struggles He is there waiting for me to come to Him and partake of the peace.’ - Brenda Bird”


Reaching by Artist Melissa Tshikamba

This canvas giclée print of Reaching was created for the cover of the Reyna I. Aburto Book, Reaching for the Savior. Melissa's simple composition of a hand reaching heavenward gives us an inspiring interpretation of what it means to do our part in coming closer to the Savior.

Home Decor

Throw blanket

Knit Gather Throw Blanket from The Gathering Collection

This beautiful and functional throw is a fantastic accessory for cuddling up by the fireplace or laying back in a recliner for a long winter nap.

Charcuterie Board

Half Marble Rectangle Charcuterie Board from The Gathering Collection

Create beautiful spreads for friends and family with this stunning natural wood and white marble charcuterie board.

Temple Picture

Salt Lake Temple Art from The Gathering Collection

Keep the temple in sight while decorating your home.

Candlestick holders

Candle Stick Holders from The Gathering Collection

Enhance your holiday centerpiece or use these candle stick holders as a year round accent.

Gathering Home Book

The Gathering Home: Creating a Refuge of Goodness and Joy

Create. Gather. Give.

The gathering home invites people in, instills a sense of belonging. It is an expression of love, the art of hospitality. Inside The Gathering Home, you will find stories, ideas, and resources to help you plan intentional gatherings. Bring the Spirit of Christ into your everyday gatherings and weekly rhythms by creating deliberate celebrations and seasonal gatherings for your family, friends, and neighbors. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, you can make your home a gathering home as you create the space, gather the people, and give your love.

Best-selling author Emily Belle Freeman, along with Katie Hughes & Jessica Kettle, invite us to embrace a spirit of hospitality. Get inspiration to create a gathering home and reclaim the power of togetherness.

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