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2021 Christmas Gift Guide

December 03, 2021

2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Shop for your Christmas gifts early this year! Shipping times are unpredictable, so snag these great gifts now to be the hero of Christmas. Everything from fine art to home decor and accent pieces, your friends and loved ones will love their meaningful Christmas gift. 

The Gift of Fine Art

Beautiful artwork in your home can bring peace and showcase your faith throughout your home. Fine art is personal and tells a story of who you are, who you’ve been, and who you hope to be. Give a meaningful gift this year that they will truly cherish. 

The Gift, The Word, The love of God

The Gift, The Word, The Love of God by Artist Shari Lyon

The Lord’s Errand

The Lord's Errand - Sisters by Artist Kate Lee

Forward in Christ

Forward in Christ by Artist Mackenzie Bontempo


Rescuer by Artist Haley Miller

His Prayer

His Prayer by Artist Brenda Bird

Christ Portrait VII

Christ Portrait VII by Artist J. Kirk Richards

The Gift of Inspiring Words

Inspiring wall art and decor pieces will remind you of your faith, cheer you up on bad day, and inspire you every day. The perfect gift for your friends and loved ones to feel your love and support for them. 

Refuge Frame (NEW!)

Refuge Frame from The Gathering Collection

Gathered Together

Gathered Together from The Gathering Collection

Be Not Afraid Only Believe

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe Framed Set

Let it Be A Home

Let It Be A Home Canvas Wrap

Love One Another

Love One Another Canvas Wrap

The Gift of Gathering 

Make your gatherings intentional and uplifting. Little touches can make such a large impact, and these meaningful adornments from The Gathering Collection are sure to impress. 

Charcuterie Board (NEW!)

Charcuterie Board from The Gathering Collection

Create Gather Give Platter

Ceramic Platter- Create, Gather, Give

Come and Stay Doormat

Come and Stay Doormat

The Gathering Home Book

The Gathering Home: Creating A Refuge of Goodness and Joy

Apron (NEW!)

Linen Apron from The Gathering Collection

The Gift of a Cozy Home

Any homebodys on your list this year? The best gifts are the ones your friends and loved ones will want to use all year long. And these cozy accent pieces are the perfect thing. These soft and comfortable pillows and blankets will make staying in so much more appealing that going out. 

Gather Throw (NEW!)

Gather Throw Blanket from The Gathering Collection

Forever Pillow

Forever Throw Pillow

Navy Tassels

Navy Tassels Throw Pillows

Heather Gray Throw

Heather Gray Pom Pom Throw Blanket

Peace Be Still

Peace Be Still Throw Blanket

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