Organize Your Home: Three Places to Start

New year, new organization goals. While decluttering and re-organizing your home may feel like a daunting task, the key is to start small with little changes to collect pesky clutter in problem areas of your home. Small changes can lead to big solutions. 

Organize your entryway

One problem area that tends to collect knick knacks, keys, discarded clothing, and other miscellaneous items is the entryway. Add a small tray to an entry table to collect keys, coins, and small pieces that would otherwise look like clutter. These cute trays can pull double duty in the kitchen and serve as a tray for a plate of cookies or any other goodie you want to serve at your next gathering. 

Another entryway trick, snug-fitting wooden lids on these cute canisters mean they act as a hiding spot for cotton swabs, rubber bands, paper clips, or hidden treasures you want out of sight of small hands. These canisters are proof that organizations can also be cute and stylish. 

Stripe Canister

Wood Lid Black Stripe Canister

Floral Canister

Wood Lid Floral Canister

Tray Blue Ceramic

Blue Check Ceramic Tray


Organize your bedroom 

Keeping clothes off the bedroom floor doesn’t need to be a hassle. A large (trust us, you want the large size)hamper will hide the surprisingly high mountain of clothes that can accumulate in just a week. 

Lots of kids’ toys all over the living room floor? Use this basket to hide and store stacks and stacks of legos, dress up clothes, musical instruments, and anything else you can think of. Getting the clutter off of the floor and organized into one cute basket with the strength to manage whatever you throw at it will be an instant refresh to your room. Plus, an inspiring quote about working hard from President Hinckly will motivate you and boost your mood as a bonus. 

Hard Work Hamper

Work Hard Clothes Hamper

Organize your living room 

This extra large pouf can handle just about anything you might throw at it. Need a bench, ottoman, coffee table, mini-sofa, chaise lounge, or even a game table? That’s right, this pouf can do it all. Having such a proficient multi-purpose furniture item will help keep the total number of bulkier items to a minimum in your spaces. 

Pouf for Two

Gray Pouf Ottoman

Add a finishing touch 

Lastly, we suggest adding an inspiring quote or uplifting art piece to remind you that your home can be a refuge. Let’s be honest, houses that don’t live on Pinterest are hardly ever truly organized and clutter free. This is a work in progress, so give yourself grace and start small. These lovely little touches will keep eyes centered on Christ and away from dusty corners. These inspiring frames are subtle enough to complement any home but stylish enough to make an impact.

Refuge Frame

Refuge Frame from the Gathering Collection

Salt Lake Temple Art

Salt Lake Temple Art

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