Artist Spotlight: Mackenzie Bontempo

Meet artist Mackenzie Bontempo! Her modern renditions of the Savior are stunning and like nothing you’ve seen before. We love her style and her fresh take on well-known subjects. Like any artist, Mackenzie’s style has developed over time. Get to know this emerging LDS artist and you’ll appreciate her beautiful artwork even more!

Where did you grow up and what is a favorite childhood memory you have? 

I grew up in Southern California. I had a wonderful childhood! A couple of my best childhood memories include drawing with my sisters and also Christmas time as a family.

When did your love of art begin?  

My love of art began very young. I loved to draw, paint, color, write and illustrate stories as a young child.

What or who are your biggest inspirations? 

My biggest inspirations are God, my husband Joseph, my family, and Walt Disney.

How has your style evolved? 

I have had the privilege to develop several different styles as I have developed as an artist. My work has ranged from fully rendered digital concept art, to a five foot textured wall mural, to 3D animated pieces, to abstract home decor, to illustrations for a published children's book. Depending on the objective of what I am creating, my artistic style can vary greatly. 

How has the Gospel of Jesus Christ influenced your work? 

I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of progress, light, love, and hope. I am influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ in everything I create. I hope all of my work conveys the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is one goal you have for your work? 

I hope to implement the skills and abilities that I have acquired as an artist to design and build theme parks and experiences throughout the United States and the world. Theme parks have been a personal source of inspiration for me and I hope to share that joy and inspiration with others through the theme parks and experiences that I create. 

What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time? 

A couple hobbies I enjoy in my free time are exercising and exploring.

What message would you like to send to any aspiring artists?

To any aspiring artists, the message I would like to send is to always continue learning and improving as an artist while being confident and dedicated to your purpose as an artist and what YOU in particular have to create and bring to the world.

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