Home Decor Pieces that Work Year Round

Everyone needs great home decor pieces that will work all year long. Even if you love to switch out your home decor for new holidays and seasons, every home needs a few great staples. Quality, long-lasting pieces will work through every season and event, and look good at the same time. Then, if you don’t get time to switch out your seasonal home decor like you usually do, or if you’re someone who just isn’t interested in spending time going through and picking out new home decor every time the weather changes, you can still rely on your tried and true statement pieces. 

Take a look at some of our ideas below for home decor pieces that will look great in your home all year long. 

Fine Art 

Fine art in your home will make a statement no matter the season. A beautiful piece that depicts a scripture scene or inspiring figure will fill your home with the spirit and serve as a reminder of your faith and a way to display your faith throughout your home. Fine art from your favorite LDS artist will serve your home for years to come. 

Peace in Christ

"Peace in Christ" by Artist Kate Lee

This beautifully simple print from LDS artist Kate Lee depicts Christ carrying a girl in his arms. Done in her unique style, this print will add a reminder of Christ's love to any room.

“I know that even when I don’t feel Christ near, He is there. I know that when I turned my direction towards Christ, I began to see. I began to heal, and hope. I know that on heavy days, I can at any moment, call on my Father in Heaven for strength and he gives it to me, even if it’s just the strength to get dressed. I know God knows our pains. I know he cares. I know that trials and heart breaks have a greater purpose. I know we are never left alone on our journeys. I know Christ lives and I KNOW HE LOVES US.” -Kate Lee

Portrait of Christ

"Christ Portrait VII" by Artist J. Kirk Richards

Contemporary Christian artist, J. Kirk Richards captures the essence of the Messiah with loose brush strokes in Christ Portrait VII. Animage of the Savior will create a special spirit within your home. A stunning reminder to center your life in Christ. 


"Reaching" by Artist Melissa Tshikamba

This canvas giclée print of Reaching was created for the cover of the Reyna I. Aburto Book, Reaching for the Savior from LDS artist Melissa Tshikamba. Melissa's simple composition of a hand reaching heavenward gives us an inspiring interpretation of what it means to do our part in coming closer to the Savior.

Kitchen Essentials

Every kitchen needs a few kitchen essentials. Great kitchen decor can act as a multi-purpose tool that both looks good and sometimes serves multiple functions in your home. A great kitchen decor piece can also act as a neutral backdrop for additional decor, so instead of switching everything out, you can layer new pieces in. Take a look at some of our ideas for great kitchen essentials that will work in your home all year. 

Linen Apron

"Linen Apron" from The Gathering Collection

Prepare delicious meals for family and friends without worrying about dirtying your clothes with this beautiful linen apron. This neutral color will look great all year long. 

Charcuterie Board

"Charcuterie Board" from The Gathering Collection
Create beautiful spreads for friends and family with this stunning natural wood and white marble charcuterie board. Layer in seasonal treats and snacks to use this board throughout multiple seasons. Or layer it along your wall for a beautiful decor piece. 

Part of the Gathering Collection with Emily Belle Freeman, Jessica Kettle, and Katie Hughes.

Olive Branch Table Runner

Olive Branch Table Runner from The Gathering Collection
A table setting starts with a good runner and our linen and hand-stitched olive branch runners will provide the perfect backdrop for your lovingly prepared meal. 



Cozy Touches 

And finally, you don’t want to forget those cozy touches in your home. No matter what time of year, a comfortable blanket, colorful throw pillow, or bright vase of flowers will give your home the personality and charm to brighten a space and make it a joy to come home to. 

Throw Blanket

Gather Throw from The Gathering Collection

This beautiful and functional throw is a fantastic accessory for cuddling up by the fireplace or laying back in a recliner for a long winter nap. Beautiful crocheted pattern is perfect for that extra touch in your home. 


Candle Stick Holders from The Gathering Collection
Enhance your holiday centerpiece or use these classic candle stick holders as a year round accent. These candle stick holders serve as an easy way to literally light up a space and create some ambiance for your next dinner party or gathering. 

Pink Vase

Pink Color Block Ceramic Vase
Like so much of our collection, these ceramic vases work well in a group or by themselves. (Only, they tend to get lonely.) Our larger vase is good for a fresh bouquet and the smaller bud vase for when tiny hands cut a single flower.

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