Best of Brian Kershisnik 

August 19, 2021

Artist Brian Kershisnik

Popular, contemporary Latter-day Saint artist Brian Kershisnik shares his talents through stunning and unique art that has made a meaningful impact to so many people who love his work. While Brian Kershisnik has many beautiful pieces that make it hard to choose the best, we’ve picked a few to highlight here if you want an introduction to Brian Kershisnik’s work. Find the entire collection of Brian Kershisnik art here

A review of his work from David Dee in 2006 as listed on his website here, says

“How does one explain the popularity of Brian Kershisnik’s work?  We are drawn to it, intrigued by it, even occasionally mesmerized by these remarkable and sometimes humorous scenes.”

And we couldn’t agree more. Take a look at these pieces and decide for yourself if you feel drawn to it, intrigued by it, and mesmerized by it like we are.

Miniatures, Angels

Miniatures, Angels by Artist Brian Kershisnik

Angels gather in this unique piece from contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik. This miniature format is a perfect size for a bookshelf, mantel, or end table. A meaningful statement and a reminder that there are angels all around. This uplifting Brian Kershisnik print also makes a great gift.

They All Dance

They All Dance by Artist Brian Kershisnik

Brian Kershisnik depicts children celebrating life in “They All Dance,” a whimsical and playful piece perfect for any children’s room or a playroom. This piece reminds us all to find celebration in everyday life.

She Will Find What it Lost

She Will Find What is Lost by Artist Brian Kershisnik

She Will Find What is Lost has become one of Brian Kershisnik's most popular and recognizable paintings.  It resonates with people.  Of this painting, Brian wrote "...many unseen forces are interested in you, love you, and work to influence matters for your profound benefit.  Most of what we all do is resist it, misinterpret it, or mess it up, but my experience indicates that these unseen efforts persist impossibly.  I thank God for that."

Young Astronomer

Young Astronomer by Artist Brian Kershisnik

A mother and young baby look up at the sky. A beautiful moment of a mother showing her child the stars, and demonstrating the love of a mother, and the beauty of the earth. This Brian Kershisnik print would make a wonderful gift for a new mother in your life.

Winter Dance

Winter Dance by Artist Brian Kershisnik

A whimsical winter dance is portrayed in this limited edition from Brian Kershisnik. A reminder to find joy on snowy days with friends and family.

Miniatures, Nativity

Nativity, Miniatures by Artist Brian Kershisnik

Concourses of angels attend the baby Christ child in this Brian Kershisnik nativity piece. In a convenient, miniature size, this piece would be a wonderful addition to your Nativity collection.

12 Women with Infants

12 Women with Infants by Artist Brian Kershisnik

Capturing the heart of motherhood, this rendition of twelve women at a park with their infants shows the love and light in an otherwise mundane, typical day. We all have days that feel normal, uneventful, and routine. When we look around and enjoy those simple moments, we can be filled with gratitude.


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