Nine Meaningful Gifts from Latter-Day Home

Anytime of year it seems there is always some occasion for which we are searching for the perfect meaningful gift. Birthdays, weddings, baptisms, are just a few of the reasons you may be on the hunt for a meaningful gift. But gifting doesn’t always have to be about celebrating an occasion. If you want to get a friend a pick-me-up or share an inspiring message, a small but impactful gift can mean so much. To help you on your search, we’ve gathered 9 Christian gifts for 9 different occasions that might be just what you're looking for. Looking for more? You can find many gifting ideas from our collections of lds art, textiles, wall art, ceramics, and more! 

A Gift for Newlyweds

Come and Stay Doormat

Come Stay Doormat

"Come and Stay!" A simple declaration all guests want to hear. Woven from the durable and rugged natural fibers found in coconut husks, our coir doormat easily absorbs moisture and cleans shoes. This staple from Latter-Day Home is perfect for newlyweds who are excited to decorate and create a welcoming home together. A practical and cute gift any newlywed will love. 

A Gift for a New Mom

Brian Kershisnik, Young Astronomer

Young Astronomer by Artist Brian Kershisnik

A tender moment from popular, contemporary artist Brian Kershisnik, this depiction of a young mother showing her child the stars captures the awe of new motherhood so well. The new mom in your life will be touched by this thoughtful gesture reminding her of the great impact she has on her child, and reminding her that the little moments are what matter most.  

A Gift for New Homeowners

Olive Branch Charcuterie Board

Olive Branch Charcuterie Board

Gathering is all about the food! Give the gift of a functional kitchen essential that doubles as a great looking decor piece when not in use. Any new homeowner knows that a versatile tool is the best kind of tool. A charcuterie board is all about gathering, and the new homeowners will love this meaningful and sentimental gift that they will be able to use for years to come. 

A Gift for Your Parents

J. Kirk Richards, Every Knee Shall Bow

Every Knee Shall Bow by Artist J. Kirk Richards

Christ returns in this beautifully composed piece by contemporary, Christian artist, J. Kirk Richards. For those looking for a larger statement piece in a more settled home, this is a wonderful gift from a popular artist. A stunning depiction of Christ that will complement any home. Your parents will love hanging this above their fireplace, couch, or on a blank wall in need of a little something more. The perfect way to display faith at home.  

A Gift for Your Grandparents

Grant Romney Clawson, Walking on Water

Walking on Water by Artist Grant Romney Clawson

In the right hand corner of the art where you typically find an artist's signature, you’ll instead see two artists' names listed. When added to a piece of artwork, it means the first artist listed painted their version “after” the original artist. In this case, Grant Romney Clawson recreated the work done by Julius Von Klever. Why would an artist do this? Often an artist will do this as a tribute, or at times because the original has been lost to the public, which is the case here.

It is, from what we can tell, the only religious work Julius Von Klever ever created, and one of his best. The original was traced to when and where it sold, but the trail runs cold after that. Rather than continuing to reproduce poor reproductions, Grant brought back details lost through the years with his amazing skills, and breathed new life into the classic work.

A Gift for Your Young Children 

They All Dance

They All Dance by Artist Brian Kershisnik

A whimsical scene of dancing children celebrating life will be a fun gift for the young child in your life. Add this fun and colorful piece to your kids’ bedroom or play area for an instant mood booster. The whole family will enjoy this meaningful gift for your kids. 

A Gift for Your Teens

Simple Gifts, Kate Lee

Simple Gifts by Artist Kate Lee

This sweet depiction of Christ with a dove from popular artist Kate Lee is perfect for teens because of its simplicity and room for interpretation. Remind your teen that Christ is always looking out for them. A small print is a great gift for teens because they can prop it up on their desk at home, keep it in a journal, or hang it up in a locker at school. 

A Gift for Your Friend


Reaching by Artist Melissa Tshikamba

A stunning depiction of a woman’s hand reaching for the Savior, this beautiful new piece is a wonderful gift for a friend as it serves as a reminder of faith, hope, and love. This unique, modern work of art from artist Melissa Tshikamba will complement any style and look beautiful in any home. 

A Gift to Uplift 

Angels, Brian Kershisnik, Miniature

Angels by Artist Brian Kershisnik

For anyone in your life going through a difficult time, this miniature version of Brian Kershisnik’s Angels is the perfect, uplifting meaningful gift that they are sure to love. Your friend or loved one will remember that angels surround them every time they look at this work of art, and they will appreciate the gesture from you.

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