Five Dual Purpose Home Decor Pieces

Great home decor is all about style and function. Modern home decor pieces can look great AND be functional in your space. For anyone who lives in a small space or just enjoys a good piece of home decor that can pull double duty, take a look at our most efficient pieces that you can use for multiple functions and occasions. These pieces work hard to look good in your home and act smart for your daily use. 

Home Wood Cutting Board

Home Wood Cutting Board

If your house is anything like ours, all the action is in the kitchen. This “Home” cutting board is a delightful decor piece that will look great in any space. While not acting as a cute accent piece, use this as a charcuterie board for your next gathering or dinner party. 

Pouf For Two

Pouf for Two

You can see why we’re calling this our pouf for two, and we can see why you’re giving this jack-of-all-trades all sorts of jobs: bench, ottoman, coffee table, mini-sofa, chaise lounge, or even chess tournament table. You’ll love the quilted pattern almost as much as the soft fabric when you pull up your feet after a long day.

Stripe Canister

Wood Lid Stripe Canister

Our canisters, with a glossy finish and snug-fitting wooden lids, are the perfect hiding spot for cotton swabs, rubber-bands, messy paper clips, or hidden treasures you might want to keep out of sight of small hands. These cute containers also look great with a fresh bouquet of flowers sitting on your bookshelf or spotlighted on your dining table. 

Color Block Throw

Color Block Throw

This color-blocked throw will quickly become your favorite way to gather on rainy spring days or snuggling tiny feet. This throw is soft, really soft, with a stunning earthy color combination. Whenever you’re not snuggling up in this cozy blanket, layer it over your couch or armchair to make a beautiful accent piece, the perfect pop of color. Our favorite detail: the leather gather tag.

Pink Vase

Pink Ceramic Vase

Like so much of our collection, these ceramic vases work well in a group or by themselves. A beautiful accent piece alone, or a wonderful vase when you bring home some fresh flowers. 

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