Five New and Unique Art Pieces

Bringing faith-filled art into your home can be a personal way to depict your faith and evoke a sense of peace throughout your space. A great work of art can be interpreted many different ways by different viewers, and can serve many different purposes over time. It can cause introspection, serve as a reminder, and display values that are important to you. When a work of art speaks to you and makes you pause to look at it again, you know it is a special one. 

These new pieces are unique and fresh in style and design. They each depict a beautiful theme or moment that will help you bring peace into your home. Faithful LDS art is beautiful, but finding the style that speaks to you can sometimes be difficult. These new pieces are contemporary and reverent, fresh and spiritual. Take a look and find what stands out to you. 

Forward in Christ

"Forward in Christ" by Artist Mackenzie Bontempo

This beautiful piece by emerging artist, Mackenzie Bontempo, serves as a wonderful reminder that we can always move forward with Christ. The detail in this makes it special and unique. Take a look at this stunning LDS art and picture it on that blank wall you’ve been wanting to fill. 

The Gift, The Word, The Love of God

The Gift, The Word, The Love of God by Artist Shari Lyon

Trees. They represent life, Wisdom, and the feminine divine. We are children of Heavenly Parents. We know this to be true.

Shari Lyon paints with a medium that is rarer than some other mediums –– encaustic. It dates back to as early as the 5th century B.C. It is the process of painting with a mix of melted beeswax and damar resin and is highly durable.

Product 3: His Prayer

"His Prayer" by Artist Brenda Bird

""Peace be unto you." Christ said this to His apostles to soothe their fears after His resurrection. They needed the peace that only He can give. I know that when I have worries about my children, family or personal struggles He is there waiting for me to come to Him and partake of the peace." - Brenda Bird

Colorful and poignant, this new LDS art from artist Brenda Bird offers a sweet reminder of the love Christ has for each of us and the peace the gospel brings. 

Peace I Give

"Peace I Give" by Artist Brenda Bird

New, contemporary artist Brenda Bird offers another new peace-evoking work of art. A modern look at the symbolic white dove. This stunning depiction will complement and brighten your art collection at home. 

Product 5: Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts by Artist Kate Lee

Popular artist Kate Lee uses a minimalist style to convey great meaning. Simple Gifts does just that. This beautiful LDS art will remind you every time you see it of the simple gifts in your own life. 

"With all the noise happening around us each day it's easy to miss the simple gifts our Father in Heaven and Savior continually put in front of us. It is my hope that we take just a moment from our busy schedules and recognize those simple gifts that better our lives, and strengthen our connection to the heavens." - Kate Lee

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