The Three Things these New Candlestick Holders Represent 

The new trio of matte black candlestick holders from the Gathering Collection may, in fact, look fantastic as a centerpiece or statement piece on your bookshelves, but the deeper meaning behind these new candlesticks is what makes them truly special and unique. 

Part of the collection designed by Emily Belle Freeman, Jessica Kettle, and Katie Hughes, this particular selection was inspired by a moment witnessed by Emily while she was traveling in Jerusalem some years ago. 

“When I was in Jerusalem, several years ago, I had the opportunity to watch a mother light the Sabbath candles eighteen minutes before sundown on Sabbath eve,” Emily explains. 

“As I learned more about this I realized that there are two candles that are lit. One to keep, and one to remember the Sabbath. If you watch the mother closely you’ll watch her draw the light of those candles in--an invitation to rest. 

“When we were creating the product for this line, we talked about having Sabbath candles as part of what we wanted you to be able to experience in your home. 

“There are three candles that represent the important parts of the Sabbath Day. To Rest. To Keep. And to Remember.”  Use these three candlestick holders in your home as a reminder both on the Sabbath day and throughout your week of the reason why we hold the Sabbath as such a sacred day.

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