Three Ways to use your Charcuterie Board

The ‘it’ product of the kitchen. The envy of all other kitchen gadgets and platters. The charcuterie board. This jack of all trades is a necessity in your kitchen because of its usefulness and stylish design. While there are definitely more than just three, we’ve put together three ideas on how to use your new charcuterie board.

1. Home Decor 

Place your new charcuterie board along the side of your countertops as a stunning decor piece that will update and brighten up any kitchen space. This beautiful board features an elegant wood and marble finish for a unique look in your home. This neutral, but elevated design will complement your home decor.

2. Cheese Board

Get this charcuterie board out for gatherings both big and small. Set out cheese and crackers, fruit and dip, a full charcuterie board, or even a snack tray for the kids for an instant hit to any party. There are so many options and possibilities for this charcuterie board that will work for any kind of party or gathering.

3. Centerpiece 

Keep your charcuterie board out on the table and decorate with flowers, trinkets, and other special pieces for a centerpiece that can work all year round. This beautiful piece will look wonderful as a centerpiece on your kitchen table, entryway console, or any other place you may think to add a little flair to your decor. This charcuterie board is neutral enough to be used as a backdrop for any seasonal decor or color palette. 

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